Thermal Breaks Ltd are extremely proud to be supply our TekTherm™ AK-FR A2 Fire Rated Thermal Breaks to such an important project. In 2017, a fire caused serious damage to the Paterson research building, leading to the displacement of over 300 scientists and research staff. Whilst causing setbacks in world-leading research activities, the fire gave rise to a new opportunity to create a brand new globally leading cancer research facility. As construction continues, the new facility lends promise to scientific collaboration and a transformation in cancer patient outcomes.

The new £150 million flagship purpose-built biomedical research centre will have state of the art facilities and with the research it supports will also act as an important tool in attracting new talent from all over the world. The building will be twice the size of its predecessor, bringing together the largest concentration of scientists, doctors and nurses in Europe. A further 400 staff will be supported by the facility, alongside the 350 research scientists and support staff who are currently displaced.

We are looking forward to seeing the end result of such a crucial project.